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[Powderworks] Songs Played Live - Or Not

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I saw "Someone Else To Blame" on somebodys trading list from a show in
1990....can anyone confirm?  There's a couple of interesting shows kicking
around from 1981 where the band is working thru the PWAP material.  "Don't
wanna be the one" originally ran for about 5-6 minutes and was seriously
trimmed back for the album.

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While we are on the subject, I have never seen one of my favorite PWAP
listed on a setlist before..."Someone Else To Blame".   I don't have it on
any of the 100+ shows I have.  I'm sure they tried it out back in 1981 (a
little before my Oil exposure as I was only 10), but since there aren't too
many shows from that time period floating around, that's probably why I've
never seen it.


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