Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] 20,000 Thoughts D.V.D.

Mandonnet Jeremie jeremie.mandonnet@mnh.fr
Thu, 01 Aug 2002 09:33:39 +0200

Talking 'bout Giffo, I'm just surprised (and disappointed) that he's not
mentionned in the credits on the DVD as band member.
Did they forget or did Giffo leave the band in bad condition ?

Spirit of a écrit :

> 1. Whatever happened to Peter Gifford? I didn't realize just how far
> he went with The Oils. I thought he left much earlier, right after 10
> to 1. Was his split from the band a mutual decision? Did he walk out?
> Fired? Go to a different project/band? I've never really heard the
> real story. I know that Rob mentions (on the DVD) their being dropped
> by their record label and there being alot of rage within the group.
> Was this a contributor?