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[Powderworks] RE: Work Cafe and Vermont.....

Rumor63@aol.com Rumor63@aol.com
Tue, 30 Apr 2002 14:17:33 EDT

   Ive heard Rob and Peter say, WE put our money where our mouth is! 

 If they didnt care so much about certain things and wrote to please a wider 
audience....they would be more popular.
    Thats my favorite interview.. .I will never forget Rob saying, "Doesnt U2 
work as a socialist collective"? And Peter says "Yah, as long as you do what 
Bono wants"!
  "OOps!  Im in trouble again"!  
    Sooo funny!!   And I just wanted to comment also on the High that some of 
you describe after going to a gig......I get that!!!  I thought I was the 
only one!!  It starts about 5 or 6 hours before the MO gig...(Ive never 
gotten it for any other band).
I start sweating and having trouble concentrating or having normal 
conversations with Anyone!!!  All I can do is listen to MO CD's And talk 
about the band like a raving loon.     

    This last gig...we got to sit down and have a beer and talk with some of 
the guys, take pics etc.... It took me at least a week to come down and 
analyze and decipher some of the stuff that took place!!!   It was an amazing 
experience.  Who needs drugs anyway!!     Ive got the best pics!!   And by 
the way.. Erika.. if your reading this.. did you get the pics I sent you?   I 
sure hope I sent them to the right place!!!  

          Best,  Linda