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fish_oil@space.com fish_oil@space.com
Sun, 28 Apr 2002 21:24:05 -0700 (PDT)

G'day all. and sorry to post so late on this thread.
But I couldn't let the bait go by...

Some Worker claimed:

> > > Pete said that an artist's inherent 
> > > responsibility is not to address social issues 
> > > but to be true to art.

So they were only kidding! All that ranting about
social justice, economic EQ, Land claims, etc. VIA 
politically charged rocking was done without any sense
of inherent responsibility. I just knew it - I'm going
to have to find me a new political super hero.  ;)

Seriously, I'd be careful how you couch this kind of
thing, or quote, or whatever it is. It makes a
politically, spiritually and musically charged and
responsible (as well as gifted) man sound like a sorry
sell out. As in: "I feel just tepid all over." And I
doubt that's what you meant to do.

> > > "We don't see ourselves as being this primary 
> > > political force.  We see ourselves as a band" 

Um... DUH. Although if they were a 'primary political
force' they'd get my vote. Meanwhile, to suggest there
are no LOUD AND CLEAR political overtones in their
music is moronic. There may have been a mellowing
lately, but IMO the BEST Oils music is maggoty with
flaming political critique - and I thought we were all
thankful for that. And to flame, er fluff, indirectly
those of us who like to take up political issues
occasionally on the list is uncalled for. Check the
purpose of the list on yer PW homepage: "A forum
dedicated to the music and politics of MO" or something
to that effect. Certainly a place where all manner of
discussion arising from Perceptions of, and responses
to Oils music is welcomed, I would have thought...

> > Everyone hear that!!

?? Gawd. Such cheek.

My flaming chariot awaits,


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