Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Vermont Show Set List

Glitch sena.reisenweaver@verizon.net
Sun, 28 Apr 2002 13:19:51 -0400

> Wow, some interesting songs on there. Hoping to get an acoustic Now or Never
> in Chicago!
> Also good to see another RW song!!

Yeah, no kidding!  Some people we were standing near said they thought this
was a "fill-in" concert - sort of a halfway point between Maine and
Massachusetts, just to pass the time so to speak.  So I was wondering if
they didn't try some more "experimental" stuff out on us?? - The first three
struck me as a different way to start the set - not Capricornia's 3
strongest, IMHO.  However, they came off real well live and were well
received.  Also, Now or Never really surprised me.  At the end, Bones and
Rob even came in on the chant, which I didn't realize they would do live
since I thought it was originally done by someone other than the Oils - a
tribal group of some sort - although I can't find anything to support that
in the liner notes so I might be full of sh*t.
It was great to hear "Comfortable Place" - wish they'd done more off RW.
all in all it was a good show, the place was packed.
Here's a piece of advice though - never give blood the day of an MO concert.
You NEED that hemoglobin, to get oxygen to your brain for A) jumping around,
B) screaming, C) singing at the top of your lungs, D) experiencing a major
rise in body temp.  It got very hot and smoky in there, and unfortunately
towards the end I felt myself about to pass out.  I literally had to leave
and go put my head between my knees.  It majorly bummed me out.
So...word to the wise.
Balki - nice to see you again, sorry we didn't chat more.

"when will i be yours...when will i be mine?" --midnight oil

>> Midnight Oil - The Picklebarrel
>> Killington, Vermont
>> April 26th 2002
>> Set List
>> Been Away Too Long
>> Too Much Sunshine
>> Under the Overpass
>> Bullroarer
>> Capricornia
>> Comfortable Place On The Couch
>> Luritja Way (Rob up front on stand up kit)
>> Short Memory (Rob up front on stand up kit)
>> Now Or Never Land (Rob up front on stand up kit)
>> Blue Sky Mine (Rob up front on stand up kit)
>> Say Your Prayers
>> Golden Age
>> King Of The Mountain
>> Dead Heart
>> Beds Are Burning
>> Forgotten Years
>> Tone Poem (encore)
>> Dreamworld (encore)
>> John
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