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[Powderworks] Much too much sunshine!

earthsunmoonmomma turnupthedrums@netscape.net
Sun, 28 Apr 2002 10:36:56 -0400

Hi Kate,

sounds like you had a fantastic day yesterday!  It's wonderful that you 
could share the experience with your children.  I'd love to take my 2 
young ones to an Oils show, but it would have to be an outdoor festival 
type setting.  And they played River Runs Red! (my daughter's favorite 
MO song, well, former favorite now that Golden Age has come along....)


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kate@dnki.net wrote:

> Ahhhhh.  What a day!  I'm sitting here typing this listening to my two 
> powderworker cadets trade phrases of the refrain to Golden Age as they 
> drift off to sleep. (tell me what you see ...)
> It was a wonderful, wonderful show.  I found a space right down by the 
> lagoon with an excellent sight line and nice atmosphere.  Better yet, 
> it had a transformer box, about 7-7.5 feet tall, big enough to seat 
> both of my boys so that they got an unobstructed view of the stage.
> I was busy wrangling children, so I didn't get a set list written 
> down.  It was a very mixed set from several eras with an Earth Day 
> focus ... I hadn't heard River Runs Red in ages.  The rants were 
> vintage PG Earth Day fare, and I was groooving to the fire of the 
> music behind them.  They were SO tight - even though the wind and the 
> sound system muted certain pieces of the harmonies or mix sometimes, 
> it was mostly excellent.  I also enjoyed leaning against the 
> transformer box door for a full body bass line resonance that 
> transmitted every drum whack and base guitar thump through my 
> skeleton.  I even more greatly enjoyed being able to look out at the 
> river, or up at the sky through a barely bloomed tree and thinking 
> about how this music pulls me into the earth in so many ways ... 
> especially played live on a chilly but glorious spring day.
> My son's opinion of the Boston Hatch Shell show:  "Its like my brain 
> got replaced with a radio that only plays Midnight Oil music.  I like 
> my new brain."
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