Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Midnight Oil/Great Big Sea on E-Town

Mike Blackwood mikeb@cs.mun.ca
Wed, 24 Apr 2002 17:19:32 -0230 (NDT)

On Wed, 24 Apr 2002, mai kiigemagi wrote:

As an inhabitant of St. John's, Newfoundland (the capitol of the province 
and hometown of GBS), I would trade my sanity to see this gig!  There are 
a LOT of historical similarities between Newfoundland and Australia, BTW.  
We were the first outpost of the emerging British empire over 500 years 
ago.  We were used as a penal colony.  Sadly our indigenous people went 
extinct once the got exposed to our diseases (and some bullets, too), so 
Australia fared much better on that front... (it's especially sad since 
thier ancestors managed to drive off the vikings in about 1025 AD after they'd 
only been here for a quarter century!  We happened to show up just when 
the Beothuks were in a dire situation population-wise and after colonists 
cut them off from the coasts and introduced european diseases, they were 
doomed.  Our remaining native tribes are doing about as well as the other 
tribes in Canada, but that's not saying too much.)

Anyway, this got way-off topic.... sorry.  Is it easy to tell I'm an 
out-of-work nature/history interpreter for the local tourism industry?

Where is the GBS/MO gig being breadcash, anyway?  Any chance I could see 
it here in Newfoundland?


> This should be a really interesting combination. Not one I would've thought
> of! I've seen Great Big Sea many times, and they might be best described as
> a Celtic folk/pop party band. Their shows are a lot of fun, much bantering
> between band members and with the audience. The similarity to Midnight Oil
> that I can see is that they are as fiercely proud of their homeland,
> Newfoundland, as Midnight Oil is of Australia, and their music reflects
> this. I plan to catch the broadcast!
> Mai
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