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[Powderworks] The weirdest place you found the Oils

nina ninajill73@hotmail.com
Tue, 23 Apr 2002 17:07:32 -0500

here's a strange one..

My husband works at Compaq (basically it's a big dilbert-style environment
of engineers). they pipe music through the PA in the cafeteria and today he
called to tell me that they played King of the Mountain! - random song to
fill the flourescent lighted sterile rooms of Compaq!


on 4/22/02 12:48 PM, fish_oil@space.com at fish_oil@space.com wrote:

> Miron and All,
> Regarding Oils music and libraries - both very
> worthwhile things - most public libraries will order
> any title(s) requested by patrons. If your local branch
> doesn't stock the full Oils catalogue, why not formally
> request that they do?
> bruce
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