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[Powderworks] NMOC Frenchies are not fascist !!!

Fabrice Pabois Fabrice.Pabois@ncl.ac.uk
Tue, 23 Apr 2002 09:13:59 +0100


Thanks for your explanations. I just wanted to add 2 more figures:
- 28 % of the people didn't vote.
- 49 % of votes for Lepen are thought to be votes of contestation from
people fed up with the lack of concern from politicians.

Then again they are just figures and Lepen is on for the second round...


> Mathieu BREVIERE wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> This sunday, an uncredible politic evenement was realised : the leader
> of french extreme right LEPEN has been qualified for the second hand
> of presidential election.
> I just want to explain the context.
> In France, for this election, each "politic team" puts his candidat to
> the people's choice.
> This time, we have got 16 candidats !!! :
> - the actual president Chirac on the liberal right
> - the actual prime minister Jospin for socialism
> - two greenies
> - christian democrate
> and three extreme left, two extreme right, two free electrons of big
> party and others
> There are two years, the extreme right was composed of a unique party
> with Lepen, but a dissident has created his party. The result was the
> disparition of extreme right during two years.
> Other thing : We were in a cohabitation's area.
> What is it, a new sexual position !?
> In fact, we had got a right's president and a left's prime minister.
> The particularity of our republic is the fact that both of them have
> got some equivalent power. That is not the case in germany and United
> Kingdom where the state is represented by a president or a king with
> small powers, and the government a large power with chancellor or
> prime minister.
> The illustrtaion is the fact that we speak of "fifteen's Europe" with
> fifteen countries but sixteen chairs for two representant of our
> country : prime minister and president and fourteen others countries.
> During five years, people couldn't seen the differences between these
> two future candidats and they have voted for small parties like
> revolutionnary communist, dissident left's party, etc. for frustration
> and sanction for the two main parties. And many people haven't voted
> this famous sunday.
> The result :
> chirac : 19.88 %
> lepen : 16.86 %
> jospin : 16.18 %
> and for the left's partries :
> dissident : 5%, revolutionnary's Communist : 5% and 4%
> greenies : 6%
> Second hand the 5th of may with a great score for chirac, I hope !!!
> Welcome in my country, redneck wonderland which has forgotten years of
>                       war and fascism in Europe.