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[Powderworks] Review from Orlando

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I emphatically agree
it would have been a break through!


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> > Midnight Oil's 1998 album, "Redneck Wonderland",
> > introduced layers of overdriven industrial noise to
> > the music. This effect was invigorating; it was as
> > though the band's sound finally matched the passion
> > behind their vitriol.
> > 
> Finally a reviewer says something I agree with!  I
> know that RW hasn't been universally accepted here,
> but when I need a MO fix I almost always put RW on. 
> Something about the blend of pissedoffedness (not a
> real word but it fits) and the hard edge to the music
> makes this probably my favorite ablum.  I love all of
> their music and Capricornia is no slouch, but RW is,
> in my mind, incomparable. I really really wished that
> they would have toured with that HITS.  I'm one of the
> ones that believe that they would have the break
> through that they deserve.  My 14 year old who is into
> Blink 182 and the like (and dismisses MO mainly
> because of my obsession) really likes RW and has
> shared it with her friends.  Go RW!!!
> Randy
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