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[Powderworks] NMOC - JBT USA

Darren Goddard daznsam@webone.com.au
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Well a quick overview for not only you but all the other American workers,
if anyone wants to know anything else email me privately so we don't waste
others bandwidth - daznsam@webone.com.au .  I'm not an expert on the band
but I'll have a stab.

John himself plays mostly acoustic (I think maybe only acoustic with fx) and
he shreds (I'm a bass player and all my guitarist buddies love seeing him -
so if your a muso you really don't want to miss them) (the bass player -
Rory and drummer - Jason are both excellent players as well), they have a
very soulful heavy bluesy hippy sorta feel.  They sing about similiar issues
as the Oils.  In fact JBT have recently done some shows in Western Australia
as a fund raiser to save Ningaloo Reef from development.  A beautiful area
up near Exmouth, which coincedentally, hosted a joint Austraian/American
naval base for a number of years (the base was called Harold E Holt - named
after an Australian Prime Minister that went missing when he went for a swim
at the beach in the 60's - he's never been found - shark bait.  The base is
now soley Australian).  They are a three piece and recently won the best
indie artist (I think it was this category) at the ARIA's (Australian music
awards).  Their latest album is called three and is their third album, the
first two being very indie and hardish to come by (particularly the first),
three had reasonably heavy rotation on JJJ (Australia's coolest radio
station (though they could still give the Oils more support)). John is
American born but has spent most of his life in Australia and considers
himself an Aussie now.  Apparently they are keen to stay independant in
America for the time being and are not shopping for a deal so catch them
while they're fresh and unsullied by the corporate rock world ;-)

have a great day all



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> Thanks for the info.  I will attend the show in Nashville, TN as I reside
> here in the metro Nashville area. Are they like MO live (i.e., awesome)?
> What style of music do they play (blues, folk, etc.)?  I'm still waiting
> MO to announce dates here in the South.
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> > G'day guys,
> >
> > Been quite for awhile because of problems posting so I've joined up from
> > home, hopefully I won't have any more hassles.
> >
> > Anyway below are some U.S dates for the John Butler Trio.  If you can
> > check these guys out you should.  The perfect precurssor to the Oils
> > are awesome, from Western Australia, you're sure to dig them.
> >
> >
> > May 1st - New Orleans, Louisiana
> > My 3rd - Atlanta, Georgia
> > May 4th - Nashville, Tennessee
> > May 5th - Memphis, tennessee
> > May 8th - Fox Theatre, Boulder, headlining
> > May 17th - San Francisco, California, supporting G'ovt Mule
> > May 18th - Portland, Oregon, supporting G'ovt Mule.
> > May 19th - Seattle, Washington, supproting G'ovt Mule.
> > May 25/26th - The Gorge Festival, Sasquatch
> > July 6th/7th - High Sierra Music Festival
> >
> > Cheers
> >
> > Dazza
> >