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[Powderworks] you want it hard!

Erika C.L. Cowan eclcowan@attbi.com
Mon, 15 Apr 2002 18:43:16 -0700

I think it IS humorous because he has an accent & sounds different than what
we're used to.  But he's also very good.  He hits every note & does a
fantastic job.  This is a very difficult song to perform.  I don't think
anyone finds it humorous in a negative way, just an unusual way!  I liked it
a lot, I certainly couldn't do it!  Humor can be positive, it doesn't have
to be taken (nor do I believe it was meant) in a negative way!  Erika 8-)

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I don't get it.  I didn't find it funny at all.  The guy is giving an honest
effort to sing the song.  He happens to be german, so he has a german
accent!  The band does a decent job playing the song.  I don't see what's so
funny.  Just be happy that someone somewhere is giving our favourite band
some exposure.

Perhaps you shouldn't listen to our Powderworks Tribute CDs then...you'd
probably think we were all hilarious.

Am I alone here, or does everyone think this is funny?

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Thank you oh so much!  This really made my day.  Too funny.  Don't know if
it's the accent (still have mine lol) too funny.... or if it's the echo, but
that sure made my day!  That's the funniest vesion of Burning Beds.... lol
still lauging .

Ok, just learned that listening to Redneck Wonderland while bicycling can be
dangerous to your sanity....

  Yasmin Dalati <yasmindalati@web.de> wrote:

  now there's this show on a private german tv channel called "breakfast tv"
(in german, of course), and they have different sorts of idiotic features,
and one of those is the "morning star", people pick a certain song, get
invited, sing karaoke and other people call in and decide whether they are
allowed to keep singing the song or are kicked out. this happens around 7 am
(andre, korrigier mich, wenn ich falsch liege).
  norbert, a guitar teacher from some place in bavaria sings beds. go and
have a look.
  http://www.sat1.de/morningworld/ , then click on morning star, then scroll
down to 03.04.2002


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