Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Forgotten Years cd ep

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Mon, 15 Apr 2002 15:12:03 -0500


A great find at a couple bucks.  Have a look at the Deadheart discography - 

It is a USA promo.  It is the most common of the FY singles that I have 
seen, though.  however, the inclusion of You May not Be Released makes it 
by far the best.  That song is pure Moginie.  It is even better live (if 
you can believe that).

Take care.


>i found a copy of  a "forgotten years" cd ep yesterday at a thrift store 
>for a buck 99! after looking at the oilbase data i'm not sure which one it 
>is. there are five versions of a forgotten years ep, can any body help me 
>answer this question? the catalog identification on the sleeves' spine is 
>"44k 73192 - midnight oil  - forgotten years - columbia".
>the songs are:
>forgotten years f/ (blue sky mine lp)
>you may not be released
>blue sky mine( food on the table mix)
>power and the passion (special version)
>also does anybody know how many copies of this ep were made?
>the remixes of blue sky mine (food on the table mix) and power and the 
>passion (special version) are well done but i especially like "you may not 
>be released" it's haunting and beautiful, it sounds of songs yet to come. 
>could have sounded appropriate on breathe.