Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Fresh air, soft landing...

pete mellor pete_mellor@hotmail.com
Mon, 15 Apr 2002 10:59:34 +0000

Greetings everyone,

After several years of voyeuristically surfing through the Powderworks 
archive I have finally summoned up the courage to join the fray (although 
there is an ulterior motive which I will come to in a minute). Being English 
we do not have much access to anything Oils related and therefore the 
combination of the Powderworkers and the Oils recent decision to keep the 
website brimming with stuff has indeed quenched a thirst. So thank you. 
However it does make me very envious to hear that in Australia (and in the 
US at the moment) people can seemingly see the Oils every day of the week, 
whereas here in the UK they haven't landed since '97. I am really looking 
forward to at least one show here at the end of the year.

Another thank you to the various industrious guitar tab transcribers (Bjorn, 
Jeff Scott et al) who have helped out with some tricky chord decisions 
(anyone got a copy of the songbook they want to photocopy? Just a question.)

Well down to business. I am a music promo director at a London based 
production company called 'Burger'. I am also a devoted  Oils fan and would 
like to do a promo for 'Too Much Sunshine' (which I whole heartedly believe 
would be a great single to release here in the UK as we are embracing 
everything that is as far removed from R&B as possible at the moment - 
Strokes, Vines, White Stripes etc.). I have attempted to get in touch with 
Mason Munoz at Liquid 8 but to no avail and was simply wondering if anyone 
out there had an address for the Oil's office (or e-mail). It sometimes 
sounds like some of you Powderworkers just pop round Rob or Martin's house 
for a beer and a chat on a Friday night so if you could mention it.

Apologies for such a long winded e-mail and all the requests for help so 
early on in our relationship but if anyone could assist that would be great.


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