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[Powderworks] OILS/Toad the Wet Sprocket

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> I can't believe 
> someone saw the 
> Oils and the hunnas in the same gig. Now that would be 
> heaven.

We were lucky enough here in Oz to not only see the Oils & Hunnas together
in one gig, but also Crowded House !!!

It was on the Breaking of the Dry tour of the east coast in 1995. They
played the Syd Ent Cent and totally blew us away. First the Hunnas, then CH,
followed by the Oils. Pretty decent line up huh ?

The Oils & Hunnas have always had an affinity. On the final Hunnas tour in
1997, Jim  & Martin actually joined them on stage at Parramatta Leagues for
Know Your Product & Do You See What I See.

Currently listening to Silverchair's new album Diorama. Now this is a
"concept" album if there ever was one. And what an amazing album it is too
!! A kind of morphing between rock'n'roll & a symphony orchestra (rock opera
perhaps ?). Daniel Johns has really matured in his composing & songwriting
skills, which is a feat in itself considering he is only 22 !!

He must have spent some quality time with Jim Moginie.....who contributes
keyboard & piano on 2 tracks - The Greatest View & One Way Mule.