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[Powderworks] Paisley Tele?

Travis Zanoni TravisZ@actf.com.au
Thu, 11 Apr 2002 09:27:17 +1000

Those of us in Melbourne who went to the @K RSL shows at the Corner Hotel
would remember that Jim used his Paisley Fender Tele on all 5 nights...very
cool looking guitar.  
If I had to guess what Jim used on Star Of Hope...my guess would be a big
old hollow-body Gretsch!

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I do believe on many recordings Jim played the fabled paisley Tele' but I've
never seen him play it live.  Come to think of it I've never seen it at all.
Justin knows about this gear/guitar stuff.  I asked him on the list about 3
years ago if he knew what Jim used in the studio for River Runs Red and he
said it was the Paisley Tele.  I bought a Tele shortly after that and it is
still my favorite guitar out of 16-18 that I still own or have owned since.
So of course I had to use it on the song I contributed (Star Of Hope) to the
M.O tribute Vol. II !   That's not to say I think Jim used a Tele on Star Of
Hope.  I really don't know but if I had to guess it would be a Gibson of
some sort.     Lurker Klay out..

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> Bruce wrote:
> "mmmmmmmmmmmmmm....paisley...
> How sweet would it be to see JM walk on with a matching Paisley TELE? "
> It would definitely be a sight to see, but an unlikely one.  I
> might be wrong, but I've never known Jim to play Fenders, let
> alone a Tele.  Now a Paisley Les Paul (with P-90 pick ups like
> the one he played last fall) seems much more likely :)
> Matt
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