Midnight Oil

NOMC!! Re: [Powderworks] Redneck!

andrew pye apye@bigpond.com
Mon, 8 Apr 2002 12:15:42 +1000

Don't complain Damien! My beloved Hawks were once like that too! As recently
as 4 games ago as a matter of fact (preliminary final 2001)! But my! What a
turn around!

But as is the case with me and my Hawks, don't give up on the Oils yet!

>     I have just listened to Redneck at work, i put it on and turned
>   it up full!, (and it pissed off those rednecks i work with, lol).
>     Anyway it reminded me how great that album is, how hard at the
>   ball the Oily ones were (i only wish i could say the same about
>   my favorite football club the Richmond Tigers!).
>                                   see ya,
>                                           Damien.