Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] My letter to Hartford Courant reviewer

Rhonda kayak@sympatico.ca
Sun, 07 Apr 2002 21:59:14 -0400

Brett wrote:

>However, if
> reviews discourage people form buying the CD the
> resulting poor sales may ultimately decrease our
> chances of getting future tours here in the United
> States.  I would hate for the current US tour to be
> thelast.

VERY good point.  I'll second that!

As others have noted, if I'm a longtime fan of a particular band, such
as the Oils, I don't even bother looking for a review (but will read one
if I run across it), since I'm already familiar with their music and can
pretty much trust that I'll probably like any release they put out (and
the Oils haven't disappointed me yet!!), whereas the reviewers' JOB is
to wade through mountains of new releases which may or may not be in
their musical taste.  However, I definitely agree that for those who are
unfamiliar with the band or are teetering on the edge of making a
decision, a bad/uninformed review can have a definite detrimental effect
and discourage them from even giving it a try.  

And I still want to know why the Oils are apparently skipping Toronto on
this tour!  Logic would have dictated a stop in Toronto right after
Winnipeg; apparently, however, they are dropping straight down to
Detroit (within sane driving distance, but can't go) and then further
south to Ohio.  C'mon guys, you have a huge audience in T.O. that is
STILL talking about your '93 Another Roadside Atraction show with the
Hip!  Plus the Muskoka clubs that rock in the summer, like the Kee in
Bala.  Get up here, wouldya?  :-)