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[Powderworks] Capricornia review in the Hartford Courant

fish_oil@space.com fish_oil@space.com
Sun, 07 Apr 2002 15:10:13 -0700 (PDT)

Well said, Tom. Cooler heads must prevail. And I agree
that Capricornia is definitely one of their best works.
More so everytime I listen to it. But I'm not surprised
that critics don't write glowing reports about the Oils
- they are IMO the kind of band that must be listened
to repeatedly over time to really be appreciated or
even understood. 



"walking in the wilderness
 no future to the question
 you might get a simple answer"

"Tom Giffey" wrote

> Hi everyone.
> As a longtime Midnight Oil fan, I can't disagree more
with Mr. Danton's assessment of ďCapricornia,Ē which I
think should be counted among the bandís best work.
However, having read the angry reactions to the review
posted on Powderworks, some of which have apparently
been sent to Danton, I'd like to offer my personal
perspective to the discussion.
> I work as a reporter for a daily newspaper in Eau
Claire, Wisconsin. Last May, a member of the rap group
Insane Clown Posse got into a bar fight here in Eau
Claire. I happened to be filling in for the court
reporter a few days later (I usually write about
politics) and I noticed he had been arrested and
charged with disorderly conduct. Since he is a somewhat
prominent figure, I figured the case was interesting
and wrote a short story about it. I immediately began
to get extremely angry and even violent e-mails from
ICP fans. At first I thought they were funny, and wrote
a humorous column about the experience. The fans didn't
take kindly to the column, either, and over the course
of a few days I got dozens of even angrier and more
profane e-mails. Three of them were explicit death
threats. (A sample subject line: ďI HOPE YOU DIE
MOTHERF*****!!!!!Ē) I didnít think the situation was
funny anymore.
> So whatís my point? I believe (at least I sincerely
hope) that fans of the Oils have too much intelligence
and class to send death threats or even profanities to
those who dislike or criticize the band. Iíve been a
member of this list for 7 Ĺ years and have had the
privilege to observe many great Powderworks discussions
and even meet some of you kind, friendly Powderworkers
in person. 
> However, the angry words that have been flying have
given me pause. I would encourage anyone who feels the
urge to e-mail Danton to take a few deep breaths before
sitting down at the keyboard. Be constructive and kind
in your criticism, donít swear, insult or threaten, and
realize most of all that heís just another working
newspaper stiff who probably has to listen to dozens of
discs a week, most of which he probably dislikes. He
didnít like this particular one, either. Maybe he
doesnít care for the band in general. Maybe his lunch
disagreed with him. Maybe he doesnít like cows. Simply
put, give the poor guy a break. After all, if you want
to convince somebody that the Oils are a talented band
with a vital message and admirably loyal fans, donít
threaten to urinate on him.
> Sincerely,
> Tom

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