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[Powderworks] Tribute CD Info

The Oilman TheOilman@new.rr.com
Sun, 7 Apr 2002 16:26:58 -0500

Ok, Jonthan asked that I give a brief summary of what the tribute CDs

The Tribute CDs were an original idea from Scott Peretta, a former
subscriber to the p'works list who had heard of this being done on other
lists and since he did a couple covers of Oils tunes himself that we should
have one. I think we first cooked up the idea when we met at the Oils gig in
Toronto in 96. Since he had no way to make CDRs and I did I inherited the

Basically the tribute discs are fellow Powderworks members who are musicians
that play Midnight Oil covers. Some are straight covers in the same style as
the originals some are their own version of one with a slightly different
slant. We've had an accapela song, and even a spoken word song that I don't
think ever got finished.

List members wanting to get on the disc sent me their song, I compiled them
onto a CD and distributed to people on the list who wanted to purchase it.
Usually about 6-10 bucks. Which mainly was to cover artwork, CDs and the
bonus went to paying for free CDs for the people who provided the songs and
for Midnight Oil themselves. (They got their own free copies).

There have been 3 volumes to date and haven't heard from many folks on
getting a 4th Volume although I do recall many saying they'd do it again in
the future. Maybe that will happen....???...

Anyway, I think you can chekc out more detailed info here thanks to Maurice
(The Dead Heart site)....


Hope that clears it up for Stephen and all the other new list members I've
seen on lately. Welcome to you all.

(The Oilman)


> Thought I'd let you answer this one... :)
> Jonathan

> Hi Jonathon,
> I probably would have responded, but I don't know what Tribute 3 CD is,
> alone numbers 1 and 2. What are they?
> Cheers
> Stephen