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[Powderworks] Anahiem tape

MWB824@aol.com MWB824@aol.com
Sat, 6 Apr 2002 18:39:00 EST

Did the tree for this show ever happen?  I don't remember seeing anything 
posted about signing up for it.  I'm really interested in getting a copy of 
the show so if the tree was already set up, can someone please let me know if 
they can make a copy of it for me and I'll send them blank cd's and postage 
for it.  Thanks!

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 Date:  3/20/02 3:15:46 AM Eastern Standard Time
 From:  amt4all@yahoo.com (David A. Brass)
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 Listening now 2nd song (Bullroarer).  Sure did pick up the bass.  3rd song
 (2 much sunshine) sounds great too.  Well, time to get rest...must get to
 SD tomorrow.  Will "tree" my tapes in a week or so.   David A. Brass
 (temp) Anahiem, Cal.