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[Powderworks] NMOC: Paul Kelly

KATHY GEDLER avesrun@msn.com
Wed, 3 Apr 2002 09:09:24 -0600

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Thanks Rob for the P. Kelly info.  I'm bummin cause he was only four hour=
s away in Minneapolis, MN on my birthday!!  I think I missed the midwest'=
s chance to see him.  Oil well, I'll hope for the future.

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> Is there a connection to find a list of other U.S. dates
> planned for Paul Kelly?


> Has he ever been in the states before.

At least a couple of times, although (to the best of my
never with the Coloured Girls/Messengers.

Cheers, Rob

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<HTML><BODY STYLE=3D"font:10pt verdana; border:none;"><DIV>Thanks Rob for=
 the P. Kelly info.&nbsp; I'm bummin cause he was only four hours away in=
 Minneapolis, MN on my birthday!!&nbsp; I think I missed the midwest's ch=
ance to see him.&nbsp; Oil well, I'll hope for the future.</DIV> <DIV>Tim=
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From:</B> aqua vitae</DIV> <DIV style=3D"FONT: 10pt Arial"><B>Sent:</B> W=
ednesday, April 03, 2002 1:19 AM</DIV> <DIV style=3D"FONT: 10pt Arial"><B=
>To:</B> oilchat</DIV> <DIV style=3D"FONT: 10pt Arial"><B>Subject:</B> Re=
: [Powderworks] NMOC: Paul Kelly</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV>&gt; Is there a c=
onnection to find a list of other U.S. dates<BR>&gt; planned for Paul Kel=
ly?<BR><BR>http://www.paulkelly.com.au/tour-dates/index.html<BR><BR>&gt; =
Has he ever been in the states before.<BR><BR>At least a couple of times,=
 although (to the best of my<BR>knowledge)<BR>never with the Coloured Gir=
ls/Messengers.<BR><BR>Cheers, Rob<BR><BR>________________________________=
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