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[Powderworks] Instant Karma & other covers + new singers

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He actually plays in a band at Manly (Sydney) called The Wheelers along with Paul Wheeler (ex
Icehouse now drummer with the Spys)!
So there can't be too much bad blood!

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        The goss is that Bloxom headbutted him.

     I've met the spys a few times and Cuffe always seemed like a nice bloke although he was a bit
heavy and forceful on the christianity.

        Actually now that i think of it,i saw Mark Cuffe at one of the Oils gigs at the metro last

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 Cuff was chucked out of Spy V Spy for being a dick! Bad blood between him and Craig/Mike still
 exists, so much so that on the odd occasions they do actually play live now, they refuse to do
 anything off Fossil. I have seen his name pop up around the place doing solo gigs from time to
 time, but I couldn't even be sure it was the same guy. As for him as the singer for MO, hmmm, not
 sure about that to be honest. Or the other guys. I think for me Garrett is it and that's that!

 Anyone considered Rob stepping out from behind the drums and taking the on the role?! Then having a
 new drummer come in! Some one like, oh I don't know, ME!!!!!

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 OK yes I agree that Mick would work well. Here are a few others that I think would work even

 Mark Cuffe (Spies and also The Shock Poets - very good lyrics!) Anyone know what happened to him?

 Dave Gleeson from The Screaming Jets

 Craig Bloxom of Spy V Spy

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  Hey, Aussies, how about this for an off the wall choice to replace PG if he ever left Oil?
  Michael Thomas (Mick Thomas to most) of Weddings Parties Anything.  Don't just scoff; think about
  his broadly Australian accent, his love of Oil, his left-leaning politics, and his GREAT
  songwriting ability.  I could definitely hear him pulling off the more "strummy" material from
  "Diesel" and "Capricornia."  I would love to hear Mick play with the Oils in some fashion.  Maybe
  they could bring him and his band The Sure Thing along to open a US tour someday.  WPA never
  played the US, to my knowledge; one of my great musical disappointments is that I never got to see
  the great WPA.  If you're not familiar with them, order their double live CD, "They Were Better
  Live" from whammo; it's the ideal introduction.  I reckon they're the best unknown band ever.

  Bill Wolfe