Midnight Oil


Mathias Hermansson hermanator51@hotmail.com
Tue, 02 Apr 2002 07:02:19

>huge disagreement.  Deep Purple had several diferent singers.

Ian Gillan, David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes and one more. His name? anyone? 

>Pink Floyd went from Sid Barrett (who went insane from rugs), to >Roger 
>Waters, to another dude, whose name escapes me at the moment.

David Gilmoure, who was their guitar player from the start (I think) and 
also bacame the lead singer when Roger Waters left/was sacked. "Division 
Bell" Runs in my stereo in this very moment. Great album.

>Genesis has had about 4 singers. The one after Collins was the singer > 
>from... I think the Cure.

Nope. Stiltskin. The Cure is another one of these bands which solely 
revolves around its singer/songwriter/everything ie Robert Smith. He IS the 
Cure, and wouldn't sing in any other band. That means, he has changed band 
several times, but the name "Cure" stays connected to him!

Iron Maiden changed singer several times, but now Bruce Dickinson is back on 
again and thats how it should be!

/Herman - who said rock n' roll os dead?

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