Midnight Oil


Travis Zanoni TravisZ@actf.com.au
Tue, 2 Apr 2002 10:04:04 +1000

I can't believe that THE question hasn't been asked yet.  The one that
sparks debate every time it has been raised.  Should the Spice Girls
continue without Geri?  For me Geri was the heart and soul of the band, she
provided all the energy and spunk.  Sure Posh kept their name in the papers
every time she bought a new car for her soccer playing hubby, and Scary
'boosted' sales of the WonderBra, but it was Geri who really kept that band
alive.  She was also the creative heart of the band....her cutting edge
lyrics, fantastic string arrangements, and amazing chord progressions....she
truly was the Lennon/McCartney of her day!!  The other girls are kidding
themselves if they think they can continue without her.  It would be like
Bros continuing without the dorky looking brunette bass player.  Let's just
hope Bros never call it a day!!