Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Saturday at Paramatta Leagues

Justin H justinh@jeack.com.au
Sun, 30 Sep 2001 20:41:29 +1000

> Anyhow, most noticeable with the concert was the fact the Jim moved about
> the stage! Martin and Jim were frequently trying to outplay each other -
> this made interesting guitar stretches with poor old Rob getting sweaty
> keeping the beat on his small drum-kit. There was also a guest Dij player
> for Dead Heart.

Dont know about about Jim and Martin trying to outplay eachother, they just
played so damn well !! Rob definetly was sweaty but not struggling in
keeping the beat, as strong as ever. The Didg player was some bloke that
rocked up to the side of stage after friday nights gig and asked to play, he
turned up for a soundcheck at 3pm, funnily enough, there wasnt one, so I
think he drank himself to lala land, his experience on stage certainly
sobered him up. He played hard and had a good time, funny ol fella.

Fridays mix was OK, I reckon Sat hit it on the nose. Petes voice is sounding
as good, if not better, than ever, Bones is sounding great too, he has some
nice bits in the new stuff.