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lou loulou@zip.com.au
Fri, 28 Sep 2001 21:32:49 +1000

hey all,

here's more gig info from one of the 2 Michaels. he's having troubles
posting to the list which seems to be a bit of a common issue at the moment!

btw the set list I got on tues night had some lyrics attached to it...had
to wait till weds night and then this email to confirm that it was, in
fact, for Tone Pome (yes that's a spelling mistake), which happens to be a
fav of mine too.

lyrics follow Michael's mail.

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>This was written yesterday after Tuesdays gig.  Wednesday was a >similar
set but with a more manic crowd giving the band more to feed off.
>Lou has already posted the set list, but I thought I'd put down a crude
>appreciation of these new songs and what they bear a resemblence to
>elsewhere in the ouvere.
>The album will pick up the thread of development from D&D - BSM - ESM >-
Breathe and Redneck as being points of departure for a number of >reasons
internal and external to the band (but I'm glad they did!).
>Mosquito ('walking in the wilderness, you're reaching for a question, you
>might get a simple answer') is a cracker of a song in the Species vein.
>The verse brings to mind Sometimes and a chorus like Hercules with Jim
>and Martin belting out fat open chords.  I'm curious as to where they
>sequence this track on the album.  Other songs that peak albums (Drums >of
Heaven, Bring on the Change, Blot) have been on the old side 2.  If >this
song opens the album like Redneck did, putting the cards on the >table so
to speak, where does the album go? Concrete followed Redneck >to continue
the rise, but this album is not like that.
>PG went to great lengths last night to discuss the genesis of the song
>being tourists lobbing up to Australia expecting to walk from 'Tennent
>Creek to Turkey Creek', grossly underestimating the hazards involved >and
the fact that the Aust landscape is really quite hostile.
>Too much Sunshine starts with the line "Haven't had this much fun since
>my daddy took the V8 away", it's got a bit of that surfer song element to
>it, I guess like some of the lighter moments of the first couple of
albums.  >Surf's up tonight on speed. The chorus is again simple open
chords >played in unison.
>Capricornia (I heard it for the first time last night) instantly brought
to >mind the song E&S&M.  More of a song to pull back the drive of an album
>than a focal point.  On its own an interesting enough song, but it will be
>dwarfed by the likes of Mosquito, Sunshine and Golden Age.  In the
>context of the album, it will hopefully find a place alongside tracks like
>Common Ground, E&S&M and Return to Sender.
>Luritja Way is being played in the acoustic set and hasn't changed much
>since it was first rolled out during TRT tour phase 2.  Slots in nicely
>beside D&D material, Bullroarer et al.  Bones has a solo vocal section in
>the bridge with 'Oh guiding light...'
>Golden Age is pretty much as it was played then also. Again, the formula
>of a Jim riff in the verses with big open chords in unison to
>drive the choruses.  The chorus is a bit like Rennaissance Man minus the
>tambourine, although this is a tenuous link.
>Overpass has a few 'hallelujahs'
>thrown in, a ballady feel.
>Tone Poem has evolved the most out of the songs that were tried earlier
>in the year.  When I retuned home last night I listened back to the Jeffs
>TRT Perth boot.  There Jim was playing the riff on keys and there was a
>cruisey feel to it.  I recall PG introducing it at Castle Hill as being 'a
song >for whales'. Well, now it's evolved from a whale to a mammoth.  Using
it >as first encore allowed the four instrumental Oils to take the stage
and >jam on the Emin/Amin riff in a loose Neil Young fashion for a while.
>Monday nights solo was even better than last night, Jim really put some
>imagination into his lines.  Big dirty chords with the same riff as before
>but its raw, no more cruisey!  A few extra passages have filled the song
>out.  Chorus is 'where will we live when the treetops are falling, where
>willl we live, where we will we live....and who will catch you when you
>fall?"  My favourite so far, if only for Jim being  able to stretch out
and >really let it rip. Like Mosquito, revisits wilderness, treetops etc.
Brings to >mind the live versions of E-beat.
>So far no signs of Been away too long or Stand your Ground.  Overpass >was
not played last night.
>Last night (Tues) saw a big up in the intensity from Monday.  I suspect
>those going to Wed and Mon only may have missed the best show.  If it
>does pick up again from Tuesday, you might need steel cap boots and a
>hard hat.  Opening with Armistice Day was a masterstroke.  I recalled a
>friend recounting Brisbane Festival Hall 1983 where they opened with AD.
>Spot on Jim, purple spill on Martin, PG in sillhouette.  Excellent.

Tone Pome lyrics

where will we live 
when the fields are

where will we live
when the feedlots are

everybody standing in a 
tree top saying
where will we live
where will we live

everybody doesn't have
to beg or borrow
we're gonna move into a 
new tomorrow

later all!