Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] monday@the metro

R & D larabee@smokingkipper.com
Tue, 25 Sep 2001 17:59:49 +1000

> have to mention the powderworker centre front who caught
> Rob's sticks. you
> were the only powdie I didn't say hi to - 'fess up mystery man!

I only got one of the sticks - and a set list. Sorry, but this was the first
time that we saw the Oils since 1996!

There were two "Powderworkers" - tall guy & short girl - Rob & Dominique who
have just emigrated to Oz. We'll be back tomorrow, and a fair few times
after that.

Anyhow, the setlist (complete with spelling error) was:

Too Much Sunshine
Short Memory
Luritja (or Lurijita as it apparently should be)
Blue Sky
Dead Heart
Golden Age
Say your Prayers
Real Thing
Tone Poem
Forgotten Years
Whats So Funny
Armistice Day
Now Or Never
Read About It (Not on Setlist)

When we get our scanner (currently being shipped from England) we can scan
it in for whoever wants to host it somewhere.

See you again,

Rob & do.x