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[Powderworks] bill "satan" gates? no Midnight Oil for the mom ent (sheew)

Henry Longmore Henry.Krit.Longmore@m.cc.utah.edu
Thu, 20 Sep 2001 10:09:57 -0600 (MDT)

Yes and no.  In this case, I'd say no.  It doesn't require any special
sequence of words/letters to get the "eye" symbol, the "heart" symbol,
and the "city" symbol.  If you open a document, change the font to
webdings, then start typing, all N's will be displayed as an "eye".
All Y's will be displayed as a heart.  All C's will be the "city"
symbol.  Nothing special required.  For an easter egg, try this:
In Windows NT4, right-click on the desktop, select properties, change
the screen saver to 3D text, change the text (via the "settings"
button, I believe) to "volcanoes" (spell it correctly, I'm not sure of
my spelling) or to "not evil".  The former will display a bunch of
volcano names when the screensaver runs, the latter will display a
list of people that worked on NT4 ("not evil" is an anagram of "i love
nt").  There's also a mini flight sim easter egg in the 97 version of
Excel.  I don't remember the keystrokes required to get at it,
however.  It's very convoluted, and unlikely people would do it in a
normal set of working operations.

Henry K.

 }Aren't these known in programming as "Easter Eggs"?
 }Photoshop used to have a picture of a cat and if you touched the
 }cat and a control key, it would burp.
 }P.S.Can't wait for the Oils in Detroit! 
 }> ----------
 }> From: 	Henry Longmore
 }> Indeed it is a coincidence.  Open a new word document.  Type 'N'.
 }> Change the font to webdings.  See the result.  Delete it.  Type 'Y'.
 }> etc.  You get the same symbols.  Maybe the person designing the
 }> webdings font loves/loved NYC, and intentionally designed it that
 }> way...I'd say there's about a 2% chance that this would have
 }> actually been Bill Gates' decision, however.  I give as my basis for
 }> this opinion the fact that I've met the man, ate in his own back yard,
 }> shook his hand, listened to him banter about technology with a bunch
 }> of nerdy 20-somthings, asked him two questions and received a response
 }> to both, and yes, worked at his company.
 }>  }On Thu, 20 Sep 2001, Bjorn Blomquist wrote:
 }>  }
 }>  }> Spooky! Do you know if this is manipulation after the attack, or has
 }> it
 }>  }> always been the same symbols? If the latter, what a coincidence!
 }>  }> Maybe the Word constructors had a 6th sense? Or Bill is Satan.
 }>  }
 }>  }It's always been that way. And I agree - it's a sick concidence, but
 }> it's
 }>  }just that - a concidence. But eerie nonetheless.
 }>  }
 }>  }What would Rob Hirst do,
 }>  }C-ko