Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Oils in Sydney.

lou loulou@zip.com.au
Thu, 20 Sep 2001 19:39:21 +1000

hey Jo,

welcome to the list!

I'll be going to the monday and wednesday Metro gigs. I think doors open at
half seven? I suggest anyone interested in meeting up, come
up to the centre front of the stage and say something like this:

...ahem...POWDERWORKS...cough cough cough...

and someone is bound to say hello :)

if you don't feel like embarrassing yourself - 
I usually carry a yellow and purple Little Miss Naughty bag.
it will be up the front somewhere.
perpetually silly, but perpetually useful too.

Richard? John M? who else is going to be there? I'm not standing at the
rail to mind spots by myself for ever this time.... :)

later all,

At 02:01 PM 9/20/01 +1000, joey daley wrote:
>To the guys in Sydney who let us know about the concerts there, thanks.
>Here in Melbourne, not a squeak. I'm coming up with my brother and
>sister for two shows at the Metro and there's a group of five that I
>know of also going. Is anyone meeting in Sydney beforehand either Monday or
>Tuesday? Let us know Cheers, Jo.