Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] New Album Cover?!?

Bjorn Blomquist fibromoon@hotmail.com
Wed, 19 Sep 2001 11:09:30 +0200


Hmm, I thought the album was called "Capricorn[ia]" and not "Taurus"...

Or is it "CapriCOWnia"?

It looks like there could be stuff about the mad cow disease on the album... 
A European issue this time? What about the "Beds are burning" parody I wrote 
earlier this year - it would fit well on that album! :-)


PS. For you who wasn't there, here it is...

PIGS ARE BURNING (we could change it to "Cows" this time...)

Out where the city ends
The barnyard, the electric fence
Nervous wrecks and crazy cattle
Death in foot-and-mouth disease

The time has come to say keep's keep
To kill our cows, to kill our sheep
The time has come, a frown's a frown
It belongs to them, let's bring them down

How can we sleep while our cows are turning?
What do we eat when our pigs are burning?

Four words scare the whole EU
>From England, France to Belgium - MUUH!
Western country dies and wreathes
In foot-and-mouth disease

The time has come etc

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