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[Powderworks] Cover of Dreamworld

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The September 14 edition of _The Buffalo News_ (Buffalo, New York) has this information on a CD with an Oils cover.  Anyone ever heard of Hot Water Music?


    Various Artists

    Plea for Peace/Take Action ***

    [Sub City/Asian Man Records]

This 28-track disc is a companion piece to the "Plea for Peace/Take Action" tour that recently came through town. It's a great deal any way you look at it. It's a low-priced CD (should cost you $5.99) with portions of proceeds going for a good cause (the National Hopeline Network). It's also a plentiful smorgasbord of cutting-edge rock and punk acts that might just turn up a new favorite or two.
Do you like lively modern rock that's easy on the ears? Check out the CD's lead-off track, Alklaine Trio's "My Standard Break from Life." Like it just a bit gruffer? Hot Water Music's take on  Midnight Oil's "Dreamworld" is an energetic dash of melody. A bit more frenetic? Try the power-punk of Thrice in "To What End" or AFI's "Who Knew." How about some pleasin' female-powered pop, courtesy of the Eyeliners? It's all here and more with the recording holding together quite well as a unit. Even though the contributing acts have their own 
distinct styles, the song order works particularly well. The disc's angry, raw portion builds up from At the Drive-In's "Catacomb" into Shai Hulud's "Sauve Qui Peut," Boy Sets Fire's "Voiceover" and the angry "Mullet Burden" by Dillinger Escape Plan. The music goes full circle by the end with Mike Park's acoustic "Can You Get Me Out of Here." Pretty much everything on the CD is unreleased, rare or a live track. Well worth double the money. Check out www.hopeline.com 

     - Toni Ruberto


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