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Just so there's no confusion, tickets for the Saturday Chicago gig (10/20) ARE ALREADY on sale.  I have purchased a ticket.  I have heard that the Sunday Chicago show (10/21) may be sold out, but I don't know that this is true.

House of Blues website (hob.com) has now updated with info on the Monday Chicago show (10/22).  Tickets go on sale this Saturday, 9/22.  That should make 4 consecutive nights of Oils for me, WOO-HOO!!


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>I have tickets for House of Blues, Chicago, Oct 21st(Sunday) and yes, more 
>than anything I am really looking forward to the shows.  The Saturday shows 
>are shown, but not on sale yet, and on their web-site they also have Monday, 
>the 22nd (but the HOB.com doesn't even list it).  I have only seen them 
>twice, and have many albums.

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