Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Chicago dates

Stephen Scott stephenandeva@hotmail.com
Sun, 16 Sep 2001 08:06:52 +0000

Hi all.
Looking for some help from our Chicago friends. As the Oils are not coming 
to the UK until next year, I will have to travel to the states to see them. 
I see they are playing 20/21 Oct in Chicago. Is anyone meeting up 
before/after either gig. I probably will only be able to make it for one 
night, and it would be good to meet up with some other powderworkers. If 
anyone is planning to meet up, and wouldn't mind a Northern Irish pleb 
tagging along, let me know.
And before you ask, I am not rich. I wouldn't be able to afford flying to 
Chicago from London for one night if I didn't work for American Airlines. I 
will have to fly standby, but the flights should be empty as no one seems to 
want to fly for some unknown reason.
I knew Capt Ogonowski, the American Airlines pilot who was on the first 
aircraft to hit the WTC. He used to fly from Boston into London a few years 
ago. It's amazing how many people, no matter how far, have been affected by 
Just a word of warning for anyone planning to fly somewhere soon. DO NOT 
have pen knives, scissors (no matter how small), even corkscrews (with the 
little knives in them, to cut the seal), in your hand luggage. They will be 
taken off you and destroyed, and in some cases you will be taken away by the 
authorities and questioned at length. And also turn up for your flights as 
early as you can, as security measures are, as you can expect, at their 
highest levels.
Take care ya'll

"This is a mad house.....you'll be lucky to make it till Tuesday"

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