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[Powderworks] two tours?!!!

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Sat, 15 Sep 2001 17:04:18 -0700

Okay...you just have to hear this.  My husband (who is NOT an Oils fan) 
just gave me a really hard time the other night about my 'unhealthy' 
fanatical devotion to the Oils and the fact that I'm spending a lot of 
money (and dragging him with me) to see every show within 600 miles of 
me and he asked me if the Oils came back next year would I do the same 
thing.  And (because i was deep over my head in the argument as my only 
defense was how much I love the Oils and how I've never seen them and 
they hardly ever come to the states, etc.) I wouldn't even dignify the 
hypothetical 2002 tour question with an answer (though we all know, of 
course I would) because the Oils would NEVER come back next year..that's 
ridiculous!..this is a once in a decade chance!!!....or so I insisted.  
And now, if they really come here again next spring, I am going to have 
to just eat my words and it is going to be really ugly because you all 
know i will absolutely be wherever they are.  Oh man....LOL!!


On Saturday, September 15, 2001, at 10:12 AM, Henry Longmore wrote:

> It seems to me that this is what they plan to do next year,
> guessing by the statement about US dates nex year on their
> website--release the album in February, and "spend the first half of
> next year playing to fans in the United States".
> Henry K.
>  }But I must add this... It seems to me the Oil's new tour would be 
> more of a
>  }success with some promotion and/or the release of the new album while 
> in the
>  }States.
>  }
>  }If the new material was being promoted, more people could have a 
> chance to
>  }discover or rediscover the band.
>  }> From the Oils site:
>  }>
>  }>     Midnight Oil plans to spend the first half of next year playing
>  }> to fans in the United States. It will be releasing it's new
>  }> record "Capricornia" through a new label called Liquid 8 through
>  }> BMG for North America. The single "Golden Age" will be released in
>  }> late January and the album in mid February.
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