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This message scared me with its ambiguity on U.S. dates.  Makes it sound li=
ke maybe they are canceling the October/November dates and returning in 200=
2 instead. =20

HOWEVER:  The dates are still listed, with this line above:

"Meanwhile, these are confirmed Nth American dates."

So it looks like those shows are still on.

A Midnight Oil tour seem like a petty thing to be concerned about in a way,=
 but I can't focus 100% on the tragedy here or I will be crushed under the =
weight of grief, compassion, anger, and fear.


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To : powderworks@cs.colorado.edu
Date : 14 September 2001 14:09:28
Subject : [Powderworks] BIG news
>From the Oils site:
>    Midnight Oil plans to spend the first half of next year playing to fan=
>in the United States. It will be
>     releasing it's new record =93Capricornia=93 through a new label calle=
>Liquid 8 through BMG for North
>    America. The single =93Golden Age=93 will be released in late January =
>the album in mid February.
>                                     PLans for Europe:
>  Midnight Oil management will be consolidating the band's recording
>agreement with new companies in
> Europe. Sony Music in Europe are considered as part of this negotiation.
>Once this is completed the new
> Midnight Oil record will be available around March/April in Europe. It's
>the band's plan to spend the latter
>                             half of 2002 playing to it's fans in Europe.
> Nb: A show in Oberhausen has been promoting Midnight Oil tickets on sale,
>unfortunately, the promoter
>               had not been informed by the UK agent that the date was not
>  Midnight Oil extends it's apologies to it's fans in Oberhausen for the
>inconvenience however we will be
>                                       returning next year.


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