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[Powderworks] Peace

Silva, LB (Leandro) Leandro.Silva@utc.rabobank.com
Fri, 14 Sep 2001 08:56:34 +0100

Let me clarify my thoughts on my email (STOP). I'm NOT against different
subjects in this list actually I like them cause it gives me the opportunity
of seeing different opinions and views (global) and express my thoughts
(eventually) and it think it is just natural that the list receives posts
from the current news around the globe. We need freedom of speech I think...
However I do think that to achieve that we need to be TORELANT to different
opinions and/or be CAREFUL with our statements (specially with NMOC)
otherwise this could jeopardize the peace in the list. I mean we are bonded
by this list and some people even get to know eachother personally and make
good friendship thru it, have fun and good time!
Being true MO fans I do expected us to behave and work for a better, equal,
fair and peaceful world (maybe the list is a good starting point?). We are
not in this list to fightt each other, sometimes I see some comments or
things I don't like and feel like fighting back but I just don't post it
because it won't get us anywhere! I have also seen lots of "agressive"
comments which sometimes don't mean be agressive but lead to
misinterpretation and fight backs...
That's all for today mates...
Cheers and Peace,

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We've been fed up with it 
in the news already. It's the ONLY thing we hear about. As if the USA is the

whole world. (That's what its citizens have always believed anyway... This 
tragedy prove they are right after all.) 

Am I taking this the wrong way or does anyone else take this as a horribly
insensitive cheap shot at the U.S.  Do you think we're happy about this 
event which is "the ONLY thing we hear about."  Damn, I'm really sorry for
inconvenience.  Maybe your just pissed off because Midnight Oil is only


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