Midnight Oil

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Margaret Benzer benzer@mail.mc.maricopa.edu
Thu, 13 Sep 2001 07:51:11 -0700

I have read this essay before.  Back then, as now, I have to add that there is
one country who has helped us in the past, a country so poor but so proud to
lend us a hand when we needed it.  Remember the year that the Mississippi River
was overflowing?  Do you remember from where some of those burlap sacks came?
Bangladesh was so happy to finally be able to reciprocate for all of the
assistance they had received over the years that they sent millions of
sandbags.  Jute is one of the few items that Bangladesh is able to export, and
they were so proud that there was some way they could help.  The reason why I
remember this is because it happened a few years after my exboyfriend, a
Bangladeshi, disappeared in Kuwait after Iraq had invaded.  For years, I was
aware of anything the Bangladeshi did, which is why I remember this so well.