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bjorn@blomquist.to bjorn@blomquist.to
13 Sep 2001 08:23:45 -0000

<Leandro.Silva@utc.rabobank.com> wrote:
>I know it is a moment where a lot of emotions raise and a lot of people also
>what to make their comments on what have happened tuesday, however:
>This is primarely a Midnight Oil (or related) discussion list. 

No one can say you are wrong. I didn't even bother to read most of the postings 
about the WTC tragedy, there were too many of them. We've been fed up with it 
in the news already. It's the ONLY thing we hear about. As if the USA is the 
whole world. (That's what its citizens have always believed anyway... This 
tragedy prove they are right after all.)

On the other hand, what is there to discuss about Midnight Oil right now, 
except for a US tour and a non-Europe tour... 
The list has been very silent lately, and now all of a sudden there are more 
mails than I can count.


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