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[Powderworks] Right & Wrong (was Article to Share)

Tom Davies tdav@wam.umd.edu
Thu, 13 Sep 2001 01:22:48 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 12 Sep 2001, Craig Jacobson wrote:

> will be no "restraint."  I hope that as few innocents as possible are affected,
> but if the loss of a few dozen innocents saves a few thousand lives by
> preventing future attacks, then it is a sad inevitability.  Freedom has a price.

The above is utterly unrealistic. The US, when it attacks a country, kills
not dozens but thousands (Yugoslavia, Sudan) or even millions (Iraq) of
innocent people. Those aren't "sad inevitabilities" -- they're people
whose lives are worth just as much as those of the dead of September
11. And they get killed when America makes the choice to kill them.

The US government, like many of its people, has no real respect for human
life, despite what its politicians may loudly proclaim. Actions speak
louder than words. I expect US retaliation to involve atrocities that will
go unmourned by most Americans.