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Gabe Luci gluci@yahoo.com
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What makes you think we are so desperate for help?  In NYC, the mayor said
no more volunteers were needed.  We're a big country.  The United States can
handle it's internal affairs without foreign intervention.

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>what makes you so sure the world will be at her side should she choose to
be hellbent on revenge...

That was pretty much my point.  The US has historically been forced to
stand alone and will likely do so now.  Although, believe it or not, the
Australian government, along with Canada and the UK, is the most likely to
lend help, in my view.  Frankly, at this point in time in the world, the US
could use the help.  I have my doubts we'll see much.  My other point was
that if you aren't going to help stay the fuck out of the way.  Harsh, but
its also true.

> i really wish clinton was still around....
This is the one time I am glad Clinton is not around.  Given my choice, I'd
wish Teddy Roosevelt was still here, but I think Bush and Powell are the
next best thing for what must be done.  They will be calm, deliberate, but
the message will be very clear.  Think for a minute about Pearl Harbor -
2,400 men died.  Think about the reaction of the US.  Now that we have a
good idea that this loss is almost *an order of magnitude* worse, think how
serious the response *must* be.  Cowards like these only listen to might,
and it must be shown to them devastatingly.

Just remember when you go back to whatever you do tomorrow:

"There, but by the Grace of God, go I."

>it's good that you can vent, but act with your head, not your heart.  we
are all in this together, there really aren't any borders like there used
to be. just different people with different ideals.
Exactly!  There are no more borders, which means *everyone* in a freedom
loving society is at risk.  What's next - Buckingham Palace? Eiffel Tower?
Sydney Opera House? The Vatican? [insert important place here]?

Just take a hard look at the phrase again:

"There, but by the Grace of God, go I."

If this had happened in Montreal, American rescue squads and every kind of
help imaginable, including the military, would be there to help.  *And* we
would realize that we could be next.

"There, but by the Grace of God, go I."

Let me do justice to the English language by quoting the best orator and
one of the greatest leaders we have ever known, Winston Churchill.  With
respect to this week's events:

"Indeed I do not think we should be justified in using any but the more
sombre tones and colours while our people, our Empire, and indeed the whole
English-speaking world are passing through a dark and deadly valley."

And if you don't think Canada is important in the confrontation of this

"Canada is the linchpin of the English-speaking world. Canada, with those
relations of friendly, affectionate intimacy with the United States on the
one hand and with her unswerving fidelity to the British Commonwealth and
the Motherland on the other, is the link which joins together these great
branches of the human family, a link which, spanning the oceans, brings the
continents into their true relation and will prevent in future generations
any growth of division between the proud and the happy nations of Europe
and the great countries which have come into existence in the New World."

And to all free, democratic countries around the world:

"This is a war of the unknown warriors; but let all strive without failing
in faith or in duty, and the dark curse of [terrorism] will be lifted from
our age."  the word "Hitler" replaced with "terrorism", as I think is

I don't think there is anything more to express, except perhaps to go out
and give blood.  And pray for any few survivors that might still escape.

Take care.

Jacques Cuneo

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