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[Powderworks] Right & Wrong (was Article to Share)

Craig Jacobson cjake@pipeline.com
Wed, 12 Sep 2001 22:25:36 -0400

One of my thoughts on yesterday's long train ride home was that I couldn't wait
for some imbecile to urge the U.S. to show restraint.

There is a very clear distinction between right and wrong that many of you just
don't get.  Any person or organization (and that includes governments) that was
in any way involved in this attack is wrong and will be punished (learn the word
"justice", Mr. O'Neill) and incapacitated (so they can't do it again).  There
will be no "restraint."  I hope that as few innocents as possible are affected,
but if the loss of a few dozen innocents saves a few thousand lives by
preventing future attacks, then it is a sad inevitability.  Freedom has a price.

Kudos to Messrs. Cuneo and Norton for their comments.  To others, I feel the
need to respond:

"Lane, Andrew" wrote:

> Who are you to mention all those countries (Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan,
> North Korea, Lebanon, Yemen, etc.) and stereotype them as terrorist breeders
> and harbourers?  As if America is squeaky clean?

Your implication that America is morally equivalent to these other countries is
beyond belief or comment.  You must be one of those people who thinks China
belongs on the UN Commission on Human Rights but that the U.S. doesn't (which,
incredibly, is the case).

paul woodward wrote:

> Bush appears to be a bit of a loose cannon as far as I can see, if he's not
> careful he's going to have an awful lot of enemies, if he plays his cards
> right now he'll get the world's sympathy.

What is this assertion based on?  Heaven knows I have more than a few
disagreements with Bush on other issues, but his every word since the attack has
been measured, reasoned, and proper.  Besides, I don't care about the world's
sympathy.  If we do what is right, we'll find out our true allies.

Brian said we will respond with the rest of the world at our side.  Every
European country talked the talk yesterday; now we'll see who'll walk the walk.
Other than the UK, I have my doubts, but maybe I'll be wrong.

Enough moralizing.  Tomorrow is back to work.  And, none too soon, November 2 -
Oils return to NYC!

- caj