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[Powderworks] nmoc - evil within ourselves

evil bastard evilbastard@altavista.com
12 Sep 2001 18:49:34 -0700

On Wed, 12 September 2001, "R. Brian Norton" wrote:

> Not a fucking chance.  We have been attacked, and like a cornered animal, we
> will fight back with unprecedented ferocity until this threat is
> erased--PERIOD.  What would you have us do with these fucking psychopaths?
> Use harsh language?  Hold hands and sing them to death?  So next time they
> can set off a U-haul full of C-4 during the World Series and kill another
> 50,000?  America, like any other country in her position, will protect
> herself to any extent necessary to ensure her safety.  She will do it
> swiftly and precisely, but most importantly, she will do it with the rest of
> the world at her side.
> Brian

look mate, let the blood out of your face before you become mistaken for a seppo!

what makes you so sure the world will be at her side should she choose to be hellbent on revenge...unless your definition of the world doesn't include canada, but then again, when do americans really consider anyother country as being part of the world except when it suits them...sorry, but it's a generalisation with some truth to it!  just because your executioner president (how can we forget the governor with the highest number of executions) wants to kill more people so that he can match if not beat his daddy's score...just cuz his daddy was a president (and a bad one to boot) doesn't mean that he should be one too...lest we forget that he's the first president that wasn't officially voted in, but bullied, pouted, and acted very unprofessional for someone who's supposed to be representing his country (hrmmmm...his sophistication kinda reminds me of a certain mr. howard, or do u ozzies refer to him as an honourable or something like that?) anyway it is times like now that i really wish clinton was still around....

fyi the prime minister of canada has already declared that we will not blindly follow the u.s.  don't get me wrong, we love you guys dearly and have been devastated by the events. toronto closed down yesterday too for no reason other than sympathy and shock (not security, although there is noticeably alot more police around these days).

ps. although the monroe doctrine seems to be the foundation of americanism, it is out of date with today's society...let it go and think of peace...perhaps you should cross the border when it opens (if it hasn't already) and enjoy some b.c. pot..it should help clear your head a bit me thinks!

i have to admit, it is rather nice not having planes flying over my head constantly the last few days.

it's good that you can vent, but act with your head, not your heart.  we are all in this together, there really aren't any borders like there used to be. just different people with different ideals.

that's my rant for today


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