Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] It's amazing what a little digging can discover....

Krusty Fries krustyfries@yahoo.com
Wed, 24 Oct 2001 22:40:38 +1000

HI everyone,

guess what - I just finished my last exam!  Woo hoo - with a bit of luck 
you are now talking to an ASIA - Associtate of the Securities Institute 
of Australia.  How wanky is that!  But before I get stuck into the 
Campari....  oops too late...

My final comment on the Gavin Brown incident.

It really is cool what you can discover on the internet these days 
especially if you know how or know people who know how.  Damn those 
yahoo addy's aren't as anonymous as they used to be.

Anyway "Gavin" knows who they are and now I know who they are!  Care 
Factor - 0.  One really should be more careful as to where they post 
from caus these days its just too damn easy to follow the trail.

"Gavin" - I don't expect you to come out to the list, but I will be 
speaking to Damien and Travis.  Thanks for the cool mystery - I feel 
like Nancy Drew - now isn't that ironic! ;)  Somehow I don't think you 
are on my Christmas list this year

Rock on peoples, have a blast at the Oils gigs.  Enjoy the moment - and 
as Wham would say - Choose Life - oops Campari is starting to kick in!

PS - Indi - if you are going to any more gigs can you please email...

Group Hug everyone!


PS - Please tell me the whole Gavin Brown thing wasn't having a go at 
the current Sydney Universtiy VC.  He's pretty cool and I went to school 
with his daughter so leave him out of this!

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