Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil

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Date: 30/06/2014, 9:35 pm
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Agree, nothing will beat the original version.  It is an OILS song 100% of the way.  Right from the 1st time I saw them blast it out at the Hordern Pavilion on the Diesel & Dust tour through to the 2000 olympics closing ceremony, - awesome.


However this version from Richie SAMBORA is not the worst.  Saw a crap version on the Oils facebook page a few months ago from some greek band which did their own film clip and 100% wrecked the song and 100% missed the meaning of it.   Don’t waste your time looking for it as it was bad.




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I do t think so, it was released almost a year earlier. 


And no you're not being horrifically distrispectfully, that was truly appalling and sounds as bad as every other pub band I've ever heard attempt to cover it.