Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil

Subject: RE: [powderworks] Midnight Oil / Warumpi Band BFWF tour 1986
From: "Jeff and Jane Scott" <jscott@iinet.net.au>
Date: 29/06/2014, 10:47 am

I can still remember watching this on TV at the time, and hearing some of the new songs for the first time.


It’s not the same as the released video of the BFWF tour either, so if you’ve not watched it because of that then check it out.





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Subject: [powderworks] Midnight Oil / Warumpi Band BFWF tour 1986


 ABC A Big Country 30min Documentary on Warumpi Band and Midnight Oil's 1986 Blackfella / Whitefella tour of WA and NT.