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Midnight Oil

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Date: 21/06/2014, 8:34 am
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I wonder if powderlurker could give us some ideas on dates? I am going down to Sydney on 5 July......

Thanks for photos and reviews - looks great

Have a great weekend

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The other guy is Andrew James. 

What a moment! 

I was speaking to the curator a bit at the exhibit and actually asked whether there was going to be any formal opening or a Q&A session or something like that. And he said No but there might be later during there run of the exhibit - like July. But it did look like they were getting the stage ready for something that would be happening shortly.....

I was this close to getting the  ticket stub from my first Oils concert signed by Peter Gifford (who was in the band at the time). I've managed to get signatures from the other guys over the years but Mr Gifford has been a bit elusive. D'oh!!



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I can't believe I have to ask, but I don't recognize everyone in the picture.  Obviously Peter Garrett, Jim with the hat and Rob speaking (and I assume wearing one of his old stage costumes).
I don't know who the guy with glasses is, and next to him I think is Peter Gifford. 
Somebody enlighten me please.  Thanks.

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