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The only mistake he made IMHO was to make a smart-arse comment to someone with no sense of humour and a penchant for right-wing lunacy.


Everyone knows Labor will do things a bit differently to the current Government – hell, the Government would do things differently with a new leader… I doubt very much Labor has lost a single vote to the Coalition.


And as for the ‘sell-out’ mob – in the end they will have to direct preferences to Labor or the Coalition anyway – anyone like to take my bet on which way most of those will go? ;-)



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permission to weigh in...

I don't think so.  As much as many would like to think otherwise, IMHO, the comment to Price was sheer stupidity and only went to highlight how much he has to learn about the arena he now plays in.  As more than one political commentator has already pointed out, he and Labor were very lucky they got off as light as they did for that gaff. 

On the broader issue, again, IMHO, I think the number of hardcore oils fans and/or green activists that maintain he's sold out and won't vote Labor as a direct result, is minuscule compared to the larger number of voters under the age of 50 whose attention Labor has attracted because of his presence in the opposition front bench and his "non-politician" past and perceived honesty and integrity in previous endeavors.

Personally, to see him stuff-up like he did last week just reinforces to me his naivety as a politician and highlights his distance from his colleagues - on both sides of the fence.  I think it was a mistake not a ploy, but I think I admire him all the more for it having happened.


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Howdy Powdies,

But was Peter Garrett's 'stuff-up', to a shock jock of all people,
really a clever ploy to boost his (and his party's) green cred amongst
potential Labor voters who fear he's gone soft?

Deep in the shadows, reality is getting very murky...




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