Midnight Oil

Subject: reviving the reweeding
From: "matty2e" <matttowey@hotmail.com>
Date: 4/11/2007, 3:08 pm
To: powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au

I am thrilled that powderworkers has been revived for the following 3 

1. I can learn about shows by Jim, Rob, Martin and Bones.  
Unfortunately, I will probably never see any of them ever again in 
Chicago (unless Bones wanders this direction).

2. I can think about the real challenges of serving as an elected 
representative who has to respond to his heart, mind, and voters.

3. And, most importantly, I can help share the occasional live show 
that does not seem to be floating around out there:

With my many thanks to Pete, I offer to the first 5 people who can 
reweed to five others:

Paramount Theatre, Denver, CO, USA, 10Nov88 (CD1, CD2 Tracks 1-3), 
Didge/Yothu Yindi (CD2 Track 4) - 2CDR

Tracklist - CD1: Read About It; Dreamworld; Best of Both Worlds; Put 
Down That Weapon; Sleep; Beds Are Burning; Sell My Soul; Power and 
the Passion; Written In The Heart; Only The Strong; US Forces; 
Kosciusko; Arctic World; Warakurna; The Dead Heart; Sometimes

Tracklist - CD2: Whoah; Hercules; (What's So Funny About) Peace, 
Love, and Understanding; Didge solo/Yothu Yindi set 

This sounds like a good/excellent audience recording.  As a side 
note, this was my first Oils show.  I was 16-

I saw them another ten times in various cities in the USA-including 
NYC, Chicago, Denver, and Milwaukee.  I still remember this show as 
an amazing, overwhelming evening.

I will also send two copies to anybody who is unable to reweed at 
this point, as a special thanks to Pete who sent it to me out of the 
goodness of his heart.

Take care (and please take this chance to start reweeding of the very 
rarest Oils shows that you may have),