Midnight Oil

Subject: Nuclear Age
From: "Terry Johnson" <tenacious@cyberback.com>
Date: 30/10/2007, 2:35 pm

For something completely different...  Thought I’d share a little experience I had with my oldest son yesterday.


I borrowed a coffee-table book from the county library called ‘100 Suns’.  It’s a photo album of 100 selected images taken during the age of American nuclear testing.  The book is very neutral.  There is no commentary or any written sentiments other than the very brief name, date, size, and location of the detonation.  It’s a piece of art.  Some of the images are stunning.  Some are scary.  Some, with soldiers covering their faces in the glare, are emotional. 


I was sitting at the kitchen table with my 9-yr-old, Garrett (some of you may remember when he was born—have we all really been part of this patchwork family for that long?), staring at the images.  The first 40 or 50 images are of detonations over the deserts of Nevada.  Finally he says to me, “Another Nevada!  They sure did hate that place!”


I laughed a stunned laugh.  Amazing what comes out of the mouths of children sometimes.  Wonder how long it will be before he understands the depth of his comment?


Something else.  Several of the images were of Christmas Island.  Is that the same Christmas Island off the east coast of Australia?  If so, are people allowed near the area today?